Christmas Butterfly.

Christmas Butterfly.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hop Scotch Henry.

Our cousin Carolyn trying to
teach Henry how to play
hopscotch. How many of us
are old enough to remember Hop Scotch.

Carolyn draws the squares on the beach
and then begins to explaine it to Henry.

That is as clear as muddy water to
Henry, but he is always game for
something new.
Flip flops will do for the markers.
 Henry's got it and redy's for his turn.
Henry breeze's through in a run, cousin
Carolyn is no hopper any more, but gets
points for effort. I tried it and it ain't
easy as you think, I am a one hopper.
Henry decides it is to easy and takes
things in his hands to make it more

With a few strokes of  walking cane
he wins. Was there ever any doubt ?

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Sandra said...

these are great, i was hoping you would post some of them. the beach looks so nice and of course so does Henry. i can't hop now but i do remember