Christmas Butterfly.

Christmas Butterfly.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Sutton Family

Cathy and Tom Sutton visited our area this
summer and contacted us for a lovely
reunion between Cathy and Madeline.
Cathy and Madeline are childhood friends
and have stayed in touch over the years.
The Suttons brought their family with them,
they have been blessed with a beautiful family.
Our love and prayers go with them forever.  
Madeline right, Mary Beth center, Cathy left.
Mary Beth is Cathy's sister.
This little fellow is Cathy and Tom's grandson
He wants one of whatever the thing is that's 
painted on the wall, and the same size too. 
Madeline, Cathy and Tom Sutton.
This is Julie, Cathy and Tom's daughter.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

On the beach.

Henry dug a hole in the sand to put a
hermit crab in, he then convinced Daniel
to help haul water to fill the hole. Well
you know the rest of the story. 
Henry is disapointed ? No, he tells Daniel
more water.

Whats this ? A kayak we can do some serious
sailing. Have the Coast Guard stand by.
A Shrimp boat passes while cleaning off 
the deck; porpoises, following close behind.

Grandson Joel decides to try to get a
closer look. He really put in some effort,
and got very near, about 10 yards from
the Dolphins.

Joel holds the kayak for his sister Megan.
She is very brave and takes up the

Two very lovely ladies above Megan.
Below is grandmother Madeline.

July 3rd, closes.

Children down the road sell lemonaid,
and from the amount of traffic they
did very well. We also bought some.
De--licious ! 

We all went down on the beach again, and
all who were able, walked 1 1/2 miles down
the beach for a view of the fire works display.

Madeline and I, Megan Daniel and
grandmother Bunny enjoyed
A glorious sunset, peace and quiet, 
and a lone fisherman. 

A great way to end the day.

Megan enjoyed the biology of the slack
tide. She examined small fish oysters, and
some shrimp. She realy enjoys the
wonders of our world.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Low Country Boil.

Still the 3rd of July and it's ready to eat.

There is plenty of help waiting to set up.

Above John and son Daniel are ready.
Below is john and son Joel.

Henry is shouting instructions to his Dad
Brian, the chef. This was to funny. Henry
3 1/2 deepens the tone of his voice so he 
would sound like an adult. 

The meal is prepaired and all the fixins are
on other tables where we will feast.
It is such a blessing when a family can get
together and celebrate with food, And
thanks be to GOD

With all of the activity, someone finally
noticed, we had a guest. Feeding its
young. Please click on the picture and see
the baby bird in the right side of the nest
with its mouth wide open. It seems that
new life is every where we look, thank GOD.

                   Below grandson Garrett, ready to eat.
Below; sneak pic of Reed shot through
the handel of the condiment caddy.
It was a very windy day but our guest
below, was not detered from it's duty
to feed its young.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The 4th of July.

On the 3rd of July a low country boil is
in order. Courtesy Daria and Brian and,
oh, Henry

Popa and grandmother Madeline trip to
Tybee island, bringing up the rear so we
can corral last minuet items. The senery
was entertaining though.
                          Click on the above pic to see all the birds.   
               Everyone had been on the beach to several
hours and we retreated to the cool house,
where snacks were in demand.
Josephine gives hugs to her dad Tom.
Henry, finished with his snacks, persuades
uncle tom to give him just one bite of a
cupcake. Humph he ate the whole thing.
Above, Henry recharges his batteries. 
Cousins Joel and reed enjoy a joke.

Cousins Josephine and Henry share a
chair and discuss......CUPCAKES !
Meanwhile chef Brian is creating the
Low Country Boil on the ground level.
With the aroma drifting up to the upper level,
mouths were watering.
(More blog to come )

Monday, July 5, 2010

Joels 17th B.D.

Joel turned 17 on July 1st.
We entertained him at the restaurant
of his choice, Japanese. Joel we Love
you, and wish you well. You deserve
the best, God Bless you.
After dinner we returned to their Home
and had icecream and cake.
Joels Grandmother Madeline
Made the cake, Joels favorite
Proud Father, John.