Christmas Butterfly.

Christmas Butterfly.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

On the beach.

Henry dug a hole in the sand to put a
hermit crab in, he then convinced Daniel
to help haul water to fill the hole. Well
you know the rest of the story. 
Henry is disapointed ? No, he tells Daniel
more water.

Whats this ? A kayak we can do some serious
sailing. Have the Coast Guard stand by.
A Shrimp boat passes while cleaning off 
the deck; porpoises, following close behind.

Grandson Joel decides to try to get a
closer look. He really put in some effort,
and got very near, about 10 yards from
the Dolphins.

Joel holds the kayak for his sister Megan.
She is very brave and takes up the

Two very lovely ladies above Megan.
Below is grandmother Madeline.


Sandra said...

these are all wonderful pics of your family. I love this one of Madeline, you look so happy and I like that hat. brave kids on the kayak and the shrimp boat is spectacular

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog....very good pictures. The one of Madeline is especially good.