Christmas Butterfly.

Christmas Butterfly.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The 4th of July.

On the 3rd of July a low country boil is
in order. Courtesy Daria and Brian and,
oh, Henry

Popa and grandmother Madeline trip to
Tybee island, bringing up the rear so we
can corral last minuet items. The senery
was entertaining though.
                          Click on the above pic to see all the birds.   
               Everyone had been on the beach to several
hours and we retreated to the cool house,
where snacks were in demand.
Josephine gives hugs to her dad Tom.
Henry, finished with his snacks, persuades
uncle tom to give him just one bite of a
cupcake. Humph he ate the whole thing.
Above, Henry recharges his batteries. 
Cousins Joel and reed enjoy a joke.

Cousins Josephine and Henry share a
chair and discuss......CUPCAKES !
Meanwhile chef Brian is creating the
Low Country Boil on the ground level.
With the aroma drifting up to the upper level,
mouths were watering.
(More blog to come )


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat: Pictures are great and the blog. You captured all the kids at unexpected moments -- very natural. I guess I've gotten behind on the blog... also like pictures of Joel's birthday.

Sandra said...

so the boil has shrimp, sausage, potatos, corn on cob? never heard of that one. just throw whatever you want in a pot and boil it? even i could do that. great shots of the kids, love the little battery recharge