Christmas Butterfly.

Christmas Butterfly.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Low Country Boil.

Still the 3rd of July and it's ready to eat.

There is plenty of help waiting to set up.

Above John and son Daniel are ready.
Below is john and son Joel.

Henry is shouting instructions to his Dad
Brian, the chef. This was to funny. Henry
3 1/2 deepens the tone of his voice so he 
would sound like an adult. 

The meal is prepaired and all the fixins are
on other tables where we will feast.
It is such a blessing when a family can get
together and celebrate with food, And
thanks be to GOD

With all of the activity, someone finally
noticed, we had a guest. Feeding its
young. Please click on the picture and see
the baby bird in the right side of the nest
with its mouth wide open. It seems that
new life is every where we look, thank GOD.

                   Below grandson Garrett, ready to eat.
Below; sneak pic of Reed shot through
the handel of the condiment caddy.
It was a very windy day but our guest
below, was not detered from it's duty
to feed its young.

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Sandra said...

love the shot through the condiment caddy and the shrimp look delish. as always your family is shining and bright and beautiful. and I did take a peak at the loud little baby bird in the corner.