Christmas Butterfly.

Christmas Butterfly.

Friday, December 10, 2010

3rd B.D. Party

The party was held in the last car in the
line, the black car. 
Opening presents and cutting the cake
were held in a refurbished rail passenger
car. I forgot to take pics of the food tables.

Remember the old pump handel cart
we used to see in the comic books and
old movies.

Josephine and brother Garrett
Clown around in the cab of
a small refurbished locomotive.


Madeline said...

Great pictures of Henry's Birthday party. He had a blast with all of his cousins and his friends. I love all the pictures, but especially like the one of my name sake, Josephine Madeline.

Sandra said...

these are great, i would like to ride on that hand cart. i can see what you meant about a tight squeeze with all the kids. what a fun thing for bd