Christmas Butterfly.

Christmas Butterfly.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Poppa's 70th Birth Day, Building Memories.

Yes, It's me. Snapper II. My Madeline has
a new Canon point and shoot. I Think she
will be bitten by the shutter bug.
I celebrated my 70th B.D.
My daughter in laws Daria and Joey, along with
my wife Madeline and sons Brian, Tom & John
and Joeys mom Penny, and 6 of 7 grand children
Gathered at Tom and joey's home for the occasion.
There was plenty of food and recalled memories.
I am truly Blessed to have such a loving family.

My Madeline made the cake.
Youngest grandson Henry helped me
open my cards.
7 Grandchildren, our reward for our coming
50 years of Marriage. Our oldest grandson
was not present, He's in the Navy going to
school in Charleston S.C.
Grandson Garrett lit the candles.
He did not burn Poppa, That's a good thing.
Grand daughter Josephine and I prepare
to blow out the candles, Henry jumped in
there to help, in case there was not
enough wind to do the job.
We have a lot of birthdays in February.
Garrett-center, Reed right both have
birthdays in Feb. They both got some cash
for their B.D. Mom says save..................
What say you all
Reed says I'll save my money, Henry says "yeah right"


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Sandra said...

super pics here, Madeline did a fantastic job of the pictures. a beautiful family and it looks like you were happy happy joy joy