Christmas Butterfly.

Christmas Butterfly.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Madeline 46th B/D ?

Henry spent the night sat night. Brian
and Daria came sunday to wish Mom a
Happy Birthday, shes 46 ?
   ( Please click on pictures to read card )

A beautiful cake to top of the celebration.
It's a Blackeyed Susan or Sun flower.

Also a dozen red roses. Madeline was
speachless. Hugs and pat's to Henry


Sandra said...

the roses are beautiful and i love the contaniner. the cake is adorable, a smiley face of a sunflower for a smiling face birthday "girl"
me thinks you erred in the age dept. but we will not quilbble over that

Madeline said...

Thanks for the Birthday post. I agree with Sandra. Me thinks you erred too since John will be 46 in November. You might better go back and count that over again..... Love, M

Catherine said...

Sounds like a great birthday celebration, along with Henry spending the night, being able to show him off at church, and having a great dinner. Card is very nice, cake is adorable, and roses are beautiful. Pat just put your adjusted age (for attitude, personality and looks) vs your chronological age. I'll buy that!

Anonymous said...

Pictures are great.... 46 is dreaming..... but still looking good.

Flowers and cake look good....